Release notes - version 1.1.x

All versions: v1.2 v1.1

Summary of the changes between ReaPack v1.0 and v1.1:

  • Added support for themes, language packs and web browser interfaces
  • New community repositories: ReaTeam/Themes and ReaTeam/LangPacks
  • Every package can have its own rich text documentation in the new unified About window
  • Get notified of obsolete (removed) packages when synchronizing with option to uninstall them
  • Most windows can be resized and columns can be customized (browser & configuration)
  • Simplified setup: all default repositories are enabled on first launch
  • Added filtering/search options similar to REAPER's syntax
  • Extended support to old macOS version up to 10.7
  • Many bug fixes and other improvements!

v1.1 - 2017-01-16


  • add support for themes, Language Packs and REAPER v5.30 custom Web Interfaces packages
  • implement per-repository override for the Install new packages setting
  • support multiple action list sections for scripts
  • about: add About <repository> button in the package's about dialog
  • about: add Copy source URL menu item in package contents tab
  • about: ask whether to install all packages or update installed packages
  • about: implement per-package documentation
  • about: make Ctrl+C copy package name or source url
  • about: merge the about dialogs and make it modeless
  • about: save window position and size
  • about: support screenshot links
  • about pkg: contents: add Locate in explorer/finder context menu action
  • about pkg: double clicking on a file opens it in file explorer
  • about repo: add Find in browser action in the package context menu
  • about repo: prompt to enable local Install new packages when sychronizing override when installing everything
  • browser: add F5 shortcut to refresh the package list
  • browser: add Last Update and Repository columns (collapsed by default)
  • browser: make the window user-resizable, save and restore window size and position
  • browser: prompt to enable Install new packages when sychronizing when installing everything
  • config: add ReaTeam/LangPacks and ReaTeam/Themes to the default repositories
  • download: add option to toggle SSL certificate verification
  • download: add support for proxy servers
  • filter: implement ^ and $ anchors to match start and end of string
  • filter: implement NOT, OR and ( ) grouping operators à la REAPER
  • filter: implement exact word matching
  • listview: add feature to restore the columns to their default state
  • listview: allow user to collapse columns
  • listview: save and restore sort and column order
  • manager: save window position, size and list state
  • manager: synchronize after enabling a repo or the auto install mode
  • osx: add support for old OS X versions up to 10.7
  • synchronize: prompt to uninstall obsolete packages


  • don't crash when encountering empty lines in changelogs
  • fix a few possible memory leaks when loading repository indexes
  • about: adjust position of link button depending on which buttons are visible
  • about: don't reset the dialog when the content remains the same
  • about: fix for the Escape key not closing the window in some cases on macOS
  • about: fix link button positioning when the window is resized
  • about repository: don't sort the version column lexicographically
  • browser: always reset pin when clearing actions
  • browser: don't sort the version column lexicographically
  • browser: fix crash if saved state is bigger than expected
  • browser: fix display of pinned state for obsolete packages
  • browser: fix sorting by last update column when a type filter is enabled
  • browser: remember scroll position when reloading the list on windows
  • dialog: fix context menus being shown on the wrong monitor in some setups
  • dialog: fix window positionning with some multi-monitor setups on macOS
  • dialog: fix wrong amount of memory allocated for clipboard copy
  • dialog: improve window placement in multi-monitor setups
  • download: bypass cache when fetching index files
  • download: enable all content encodings known by curl
  • download: enhance reporting of download errors
  • download: fix http error reporting when connecting through a proxy
  • index: always re-download indexes when requested
  • listview: fix context menu position when using Shift+F10 on Windows
  • listview: fix crash if sort is disabled in saved state
  • progress: prevent briefly going over 100% before closing the dialog
  • registry: accept databases written by compatible newer versions of ReaPack
  • report: don't always use plural in the overview line
  • report: make the Return key always close the dialog on windows
  • report: only display changes up to the newly installed version
  • tabbar: avoid flickering on wine when switching tab
  • win32: fix resource path encoding issue in some setups
  • win32: update curl to v7.50.2 (bugfix for wine)


  • move the repo index cache to /ReaPack/cache/ subfolder
  • allow a conflicting package to be installed if the other is getting uninstalled
  • show package descriptions in progress and report dialogs
  • write data files directly into the Data directory (for toolbar icons)
  • dialog: enhance centering bias logic
  • merge Package Contents and Package History in a single dialog
  • show package descriptions by default instead of filenames
  • about repo: add ^anchors$ when setting the browser's filter
  • about: make the window user-resizable
  • about: show package descriptions in Contents tab
  • about: use package description in dialog title
  • about pkg: auto-select the current version
  • about pkg: display in which Action List section the files are registered
  • browser: change the type filter toggles to be exclusive
  • browser: clarify package registry read failure error message
  • browser: make the about window follow browser selection
  • browser: preserve insertion order of actions
  • browser: rename Package Name column to just Package
  • browser: show stored description of obsolete packages
  • browser: show the newest available version even if it's older than the one currently installed
  • config: enable all repositories by default
  • dialog: allow about and browser windows to be resized smaller than the default size
  • dialog: limit window centering to the nearest monitor
  • download: share dns cache and ssl sessions between connections
  • index: do not show the .xml file extension in the download progress dialog
  • manager: make the window bigger and user-resizable
  • manager: rename option Install new packages automatically to Install new packages when synchronizing
  • package: ensure package names do not contain slashes
  • registry: store package descriptions offline
  • remote: improve name validation (now limited to 4..24 chars)
  • richedit: stop moving the caret to the end of the document on windows
  • transaction: process uninstallation tasks before any other task
  • transaction: wait for current tasks to be finished before processing new ones


  • synchronize: remove "nothing to do" popup when no updates are available

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Latest stable release: ReaPack v1.2.2 released on 2019-02-25

System requirements: REAPER v4.7+ (v5.12 or later recommended). macOS 10.7+, Windows Vista or newer, Linux (with libstdc++ for GCC 7.1+ and libcurl) or Wine 1.8+.

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