ReaPack: Package manager for REAPER

ReaPack is a package manager for REAPER, the Digital Audio Workstation.

Discover, install and keep up to date your REAPER resources including ReaScripts, JS effects, extensions, themes, language packs, templates, web interfaces and more.

Screenshot of ReaPack

Main features

  • Easy access to 900+ packages from the default repositories
  • Documentation display for packages and repositories
  • Import third-party repositories to get more content
  • Install/update in batch or pick only what you need
  • Decentralized by design, free to use and open-source
  • Opt-in setting to test pre-release packages
  • NEW! Import/export sets of installed packages offline
  • NEW! Support automation items, project templates, track templates and MIDI note names packages
  • And a lot moreā€¦

All donations directly support ReaPack's continued development.


Latest stable release: ReaPack v1.2.2 released on 2019-02-25

System requirements: REAPER v4.7+ (v5.12 or later recommended). macOS 10.7+, Windows Vista or newer, Linux (with libstdc++ for GCC 7.1+ and libcurl) or Wine 1.8+.

Recent downloads: 116,365